February 29, 2012

Announcing the Leap Demo


I recently decided to tackle the fear of the microphone, and record a few vocal tracks of songs that I like, have sung to in the shower, and ultimately learned well enough to sing solo. For tracks 1 and 2 on this release, I worked entirely from memory. Tracks 3 through 6 were completed with the aid of lyrics on the screen as I recorded.

Production wise, I do have studio engineering experience, back in the days of 30ips reel-to-reel and blade editing. What you hear here benefits from my understanding of the recording chain, and in essence is direct-to-two-track-digital with no other processing other than what you can find under the Control Panel applet: Beam Forming is on, Acoustic Echo cancellation on, except for one track, and Noise cancellation was in effect except for But Not Tonight, so I could catch the rain on the roof. Can you hear it?

I concentrated on the audio quality of these WMV's, so that accounts for the size. I skimped on the video portion, since they are basically slide-shows built from my personal photo library. I own the copyrights on all of the images, I chose all of the effects you will see and the transitions. Your ears will tell you the engineering story listening from tracks 1 through 6, and your eyes will capture my hacking and learning to mash a photo library with WLMM.

For each track, I have acknowledged the current copyright holder to the best of my ability. As I produced all of the sounds on this recording, it is the melody that is subject to scrutiny. Should it be the case that you are reading this, and have the legal authority over said rights, please do make an effort to contact me through this blog should the need arise. I do read my e-mail and all posts and comments are reviewed.



The Leap Demo - Track 1

Bloody Mary
Copyright © 2011 Interscope Records
Written by Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay and Paul Blair

The Leap Demo - Track 2

Nowhere Girl
Copyright © 1980 Sire Records
Written by Steve Hovington and Rick Holliday

The Leap Demo - Track 3

China Roses
Copyright © 1995 Warner Music UK, Ltd.
Composed by Enya
Lyrics by Roma Ryan

The Leap Demo - Track 4

Flora's Secret
Copyright © 2000 Warner Music UK, Ltd
Composed by Enya
Lyrics by Roma Ryan

The Leap Demo - Track 5

But Not Tonight
Copyright © 1986 Sire Records Company
Written by Martin L. Gore

The Leap Demo - Track 6

Copyright © 1990 Sire Records Company
Written by Martin L. Gore



If you are reading this message, please be aware that I am keeping my promise to publish my vocal demo recordings. I would have published earlier, but I was hampered by the fact that I had to learn to used Windows Live Movie Maker in order to be able to take a music file and upload it to Blogger, which now uses YouTube as it's video engine.

I've made it work, creating six "videos" from my library of stills that I've personally shot. Every image that you are about to see was created by me, good or bad. The editing, effects choices and transition elements are also my choice, as I hacked my way through WLMM. To balance things out, I did the visual images in reverse, from track six to track one, the opposite of the way they were recorded. Uploading and scheduling was done in reverse as well, so that the final display will be in order on a blog that displayed most recent first.

Feel free to make comments on any post. Please do try to keep specific suggestions and criticism on each track, should you have any. They will publish in reverse order, and an intro post will appear at the top. I had better get to writing that.